A night amidst roars of waterfalls is fascinating, have you ever opted for one? In Uganda, there are various stunning waterfalls where you can stay for a night camping. Some of these waterfalls are located within national parks, others around rivers and several tourist destinations. So, we bring you a list of waterfalls in Uganda where on your safari can have a night camping amidst these roars.

Feeling the moist and unconditioned ambiance which is well known to exhibit profuse of the creation. Walking through several waterfalls in Uganda is an amazing and exciting things, experiencing the moist breath taking and scenic view remains is an awesome encounter. The mass of waters dropping off a cliff rapidly, beautiful sceneries and force bargains for a varying feeling and experience that you get when you visit them.

All these amazing waterfalls where you can camp have catching activities which can be done by visitors. These adventurous activities are refreshing experience for people and those who want to relax, this is the right place to go.

Camping at Murchison falls

The most popular waterfalls in Uganda, and the East African region, the Murchison Falls are located in northern Uganda on the Victoria Nile, in Murchison Falls National Park. The falls are the brand the Murchison Falls National Park the Uganda’s most visited tourist destination. Visitors to Murchison Falls National Park can decide to have their night spent camping on the top of the roaring falls. The Top of the falls is well prepared with a wonderful camping space especially for travelers who have gone with their camping gears.

The Murchison falls are explained by vibrant roars of rapids forcing into a narrow gorge of 7m wide and pouring to 45m long into the untamed rocks forming a stained fizz. The moist splashing that forms a thunderous roar makes Murchison falls really the most attractive.

At the top of the Murchison falls, are the two viewpoints of the top of the fall where you can reach by vehicle or hiking from the bottom of the falls. The top is a spectacular view of how the rapids force into the narrow gorge making a thunderous roars. And taking a boat cruise or boat ride to the bottom is a thrilling way to sight the Murchison falls, from the boat ride at the bottom of the falls can take on a hike to the top of the falls.

The Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda largest protected area with great encounters. The Victoria Nile flow harbor digit of aquatic life, and number wildlife from the savannah find rest at the Banks of the flow after a great day of feeding. Among the wildlife to encounter within the Murchison falls include hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles. Other wildlife includes elephants, giraffes, Jackson’s heartbeats, bushbucks, buffalos as the draw at the river banks to draw water among many.

Camping at Sipi Waterfalls

The fabulous scenery of the three phases lays on the foothills of Mt. Elgon. The sipi waterfalls are situated in the eastern of Uganda in Kapchorwa district, at the foothills of Mount Elgon. Some of the lodges at the waterfalls are placed overlooking the falls, these lodges offer space for travelers for camping. Many of the travelers going to Sipi Waterfalls go for the hiking experiences through banana and coffee plantations.

A trip to Sipi falls is blessed with a number of demonstration photo shoots. Though a walk through the majestic Sipi falls is an initial to the Mount Elgon, but greater challenges of abseiling for inexperienced and advanced makes the falls special.

There are excellent walks designed on every trail of the network of the three falls through the coffee plantations and here the most common and attractive trail is trekking to the bottom into the cave of the falls through garden and coffee plantation to the highest peak.

Camping Ssezibwa falls

Camping is not on personal basis, it’s not something done but the formation of the area is great for camping. Ssezibwa Falls one of the closest falls to reach from Kampala, located in Mukono district about 45km east of Kampala capital. The waterfalls are formed on the well-known Sezibwa River which is believed traditionally to be a river which was just given birth.

The historical River Ssezibwa story is quite interesting about its existence into actuality. Baganda people say, a lady belonged to the Kibe clan (fox clan) called Nakangu gave birth to twins but one of the twins surprisingly was not human but flowing water which accumulated with time and became one of the biggest rivers in the country.

The Sezibwa waterfall is known as a place for ritual practices by the locals who still believe the river inhabits the spirits and their shrines surrounding the falls where people visit to cleanse their bodies from bad omen.

Waterfalls run over a few quartzite rocks before being detached into two which gives off a good view. Around the Sezibwa waterfalls there is almost the best serene environment just worthy a breath taking and one of the uncrowded places one can visit for a lonely day.

Sezibwa waterfalls has a structure which acts as is a perfect destination to watch for bird watching seeing about 100 bird species and hiking experience are some of the extra things you have to engage.

Camping at Aruu waterfalls

A treasure from northern Uganda, these brilliant decorated rocky falls are superb. The Falls are traced in Pader district in Northern Uganda just after Gulu district, in the majestic color, visitors have to trek down into the rocky flows for amazing photo shoots and refreshments. On sure wet days, cross to another pool falls is a rope crossing style that doesn’t enables you sluggishly walk way.

A refreshment at the two younger and mature pools is an amazing swimming experience. The pool Aruu waterfalls are situated along the way to or from Kidepo Valley National Park, and after a long hours of drive on either can have a refreshment moment at the falls. Activities done here include swimming, rock climbing, birding and nature walks.

Camping at Itanda Falls

Spend a night at the source of the world’s longest river, located in Jinja, east of Kampala capital. As you think of the adrenaline adventure life around the falls, and hoping for a night around the falls, camping at the Itanda waterfalls. Adventurous travelers have preferred a moment at the falls. The intentioned thrilling adventures around Intanda waterfalls includes; white water rafting, kayaking, and tubing. This falls only rafting areas calls for both first timers and advanced to rafting up to other challenging big four monster of grade IV and V rafting.

Mpanga Falls

The Mpanga falls also called the “Beaton Falls”, the 50m high fall is a magnificent sight that feed Lake Gorge along the prominent River Mpanga. It rushes through a great cleft in the rift valley’s eastern escarpment towards the lake and also rushes through a rocky chasm of exotic spray forest of cycad, a species endemic to Mpanga Gorge, to the dramatic Mpanga Falls. The gorge encloses the falls and the falls supports the lush spray forest.