Land Cruiser VX Limited 4×4 rental

This Toyota Land Cruiser VX limited is one of Africa’s legendary 4×4, 4 Wheel Drive vehicle, very reliable and stable on the road. This 4×4 land cruiser is an ordinary Vehicle but very comfortable with a spacious interior, enough leg room and sits high above the ground, can come both in Automatic and manual Transmission Gearbox, Number of Speeds 4AT.

Engine Type

Has Piston, Engine Location, Front, Engine Size 4164 cc, Engine Size (L)-4.2 L, Induction-Turbo Intercooled, Cylinders-6, 24 Valves/Ports per Cylinder-4, Power 153kW @ 3400rpm, Frame Name GF-UZJ100W

 The Toyota Land Cruiser 4.7 VX Size, Dimensions and Weight

The vehicle Interior Length is 250.5 cm or 98.62 inches, the Interior Height of 118.5 cm or 46.65 inches, and Wheelbase of 285 cm or 112.2 inches

Exterior Length is 489cm or 192.51 inches, then Exterior Width of 194 cm or 76.37 inches and Exterior Height of 186cm or 73.22 inches

Front Axle Length – 162 cm or 63.77 inches, Rear Axle Length – 161.5 cm or 63.58 inches, Ride Height – Ground Clearance 22 cm or 8.66 inches, Weight  2370 kg or 5224 lbs.

The 4×4 Land cruiser VX has 5 Number of Doors and 4-5 Seats but suitable for 4 persons traveling together. The 4×4 has a Minimum Turning Circle – Turning Diameter, 5.9m.

Fuel Tank Capacity goes up to 96 liters, that’s, 25.3 US gallons, 21.1 UK gallons.

The Land Cruiser 4.7 VX Limited 4wd Safety

A good one from the house of Toyota; Has safety Drivers’ and Passengers’ Airbag, ABS standard, Central Diff Lock, Brakes Equipment, Back Monitor, Autocorrected Mirrors – Standard, Winch recovery up front and a bull bar.

The 4×4 Land Cruiser VX Order options

Travelers can order this 4×4 Land cruiser VX with a pop-up roof, this can be opened up while in any Savannah national park to give 360 degrees views for excellent game viewing, photography and un interrupted filming hence leaving no animal goes unnoticed.

those who love to go with the trending style of adventure choose to hire this 4×4 Land cruiser VX with a Roof-top tent and camping gear to enable them save on Accommodation and opt to sleep on top of the Land cruiser for the entire trip unless otherwise. The Roof-top tent 4×4 vehicle allows more adventurous travelers to sleep deep in the wild where only sound of nature like lion roars are heard through the night as well as Stars in the open skies. Campers can as well order this type of 4×4 land cruiser with ground camping our company will provide all the necessary camping equipment.

Choosing to order a 4×4 land cruiser VX limited with a driver allows you sit in a very comfort zone as the driver does most the work for you. Our drivers are as well guides, very knowledgeable about nature and the routes with fluency in English.

Safety tools include 2 spare wheel, Jack lift/Tanganyika Jack, Wheel spanner, winch rope. Then safety kits such as reflector angle lines, fire extinguisher and first aid box to take care of emergencies.