Safari land cruiser 4×4 rental

The Safari Land cruiser is a modified 4×4 Land Cruiser 78, 79 series or the popular hardtop land cruiser from house of Toyota. Among the customized specifications include, specious seats, 2 spare wheel tires, fit in Fridge and a pop up roof for wildlife viewing, Photography and Filming without interruptions.

Since this 4×4 vehicle model is known to be the most rugged, and strong enough to handle the toughest of road situations. This reliable 4×4 vehicle is perfect for travelers organizing either a guided Safari or Self drive road trip in East Africa and Africa at large. By hiring this 4×4 safari land cruiser for your across East Africa road trip, you will be guaranteed of both National parks and road safety.

The vehicle is recommended for Kigezi highlands in Western Uganda and north of Rwanda where Tourist travel to meet the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga Gorilla and Volcanoes National parks respectively.

The 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser feature iconic Snorkel that raise air intake, Air conditioner, FM Radio, bull bar, Central lock, Power inverter to enable travelers charge their electronic gadgets like Cameras, Phones and laptops so that they don’t shutdown while up country of which sometimes lack power supply.

The Safari Land cruiser has a seating capacity of 5 – 6 travelers including the driver. The designed luxury seats have enough legroom and the seats have seat belts and well fitted cushions. the vehicle has enough luggage area kept inside. The exterior features colors that are friendly to the eco-system.

This vehicle comes with Safety kits such as Fire extinguisher, reflector angle lines, first aid box to handle emergencies that may arise while on a safari. The safety tools include; 2 Wheel spare tires, High Jack lift, Wheel spanner, Spade, Axe, among others.

The vehicle has a 1HZ engine, Diesel and manual transmission comes with a fuel tank capacity of 130 litres thus giving a reasonable driving range.

This 4×4 safari Land cruiser can carry two or double roof-top tents at a go, therefore it is in position to accommodate four (4) persons traveling together on a single camping adventure trip. Clients can order for full the camping gear in case they choose a camping adventure safari.