How to receive your Safari 4×4 vehicle rental

Procedure on receiving the vehicle

There are basically two procedures of receiving the vehicle from the hands of Drive East Africa staff to the client. After all inquiries, booking, depositing, reservations and other formalities, you will have all the rights to the vehicle until the last day of travel. The vehicle is always ready for clients and delivered in time depending on the client’s destination.

Airport/ hotel

Travellers coming direct from the airport can receive their car at the airport parking from the agency staff. The agency send off their professional staff to meet and greet with the client as well drop off the reserved vehicle for those on self-drive. The client is given off the car after making full payments per the company terms and conditions. It’s the client’s task to inspect the vehicle to check for insurance, look out for the scratches, dents and damages, check the fluids, oil, spare tires and other equipment’s before the actual safari.

Agency office

Some clients who are already in the country prefer to pick the vehicle direct from the office. They look forward to making choice while on ground. Clients get to visit the office direct, make inquiries and then get to choose from availability. This is done for those who feel insecure about the people they are dealing with and by clients who are within the office locality and are willing to pass by and gain more ground information.

With our car rental agency expect vibrant services and utmost travel atmosphere that will create rewarding memories and amazing stories to tell for lifetime. Travel in style and tell the rest about it.